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What's new

Recent news & additions to the site.

  • Newsletter
    Our most recent newsletter is now available to read online or download.  Click here to find out more.

  • A big thank you to Russel, his son and Victoria Hands who completed the London to Brighton “ Fathers Day” cycle on 19th June to fundraise for New Approaches.
    If you would like to show your support, please go to our Virgin Money Giving page to donate.

  • A number of new resources have been added to our Links page
    Click here for links page

  • We can now accept credit and debit card donations online again.  Please see the Donations page or visit our Virgin Money Giving page

  • A new article by Pauline Lomas in which she describes her cancer journey and the help she has experienced from New Approaches during this time.
    Click here to read the article

  • Sue Shattock, one of the New Approaches to Cancer trustees, has written a Christmas story which is now available to download on Amazon with all profits going to our charity. 
    Click here to find out more

  • Animal Aid have launched a campaign to persuade medical research charities to stop funding animal experiments.
    Click here to link to the Animal Aid website

  • New UK Directory of Cancer Helplines:
    This National Directory provides as easy way of identifying cancer and cancer related helpline services and covers many cancer types.  It is a resource for helplines, health care professionals, patients, carers and families and friends of people affected by cancer. 
    Click here to get your free PDF download
    The only way the Directory Team will know how needed the Directory is will be by you visiting the link and down loading your copy.

  • News: Breast Cancer Effectively Treated With Chemical Found in Celery, Parsley, Mouse Study Suggests. Researchers found apigenin shrank a type of breast cancer that is stimulated by progestin, a synthetic hormone used in HRT and birth control pills.
    Click here to link to article in Science Daily

  • News: New study has uncovered strong evidence that molecular or "epigenetic" changes in a gene can be associated with breast cancer risk and can be detected many years before breast cancer develops.
    Click here to link to Breast Cancer Campaign article

  • News: "Common antibiotic causes fatal heart attack".
    One of the world’s most commonly prescribed antibiotics can cause a fatal heart attack.
    Click here to news item
    Click here to link to the original article

  • News: "Stress levels and smoking: Why your dad's bad habits may have wrecked your genes", an article in the Daily Mail reporting on how medicine is increasingly pointing to fathers genes and even lifestyles can cause serious health problems for their offspring.
    Click here to link to the original article

  • A new support group for people who have lost their partners to cancer has started in North West London.
    Click here to find out more

  • Help New Approaches to Cancer by recycling your jewellery
    Click here to find out more

  • New respite centre opens in Brighton/Hove
    Click here to find out more

  • The National Pure Water Association has published some leaflets to assist in their campaign against the fluoridation of water in the UK.
    Click here to find out more

  • Alliance for natural Health - Latest news
    Click here to find out more

  • Support Group changes
    Venue & times of all Ashford classes & groups have changed
    Also, now that the Claygate office has closed, some classes & groups have moved to Woking
    Find out more here

  • Longevity and Tibetan medicine, an interesting article.
    Click here to find out more

  • Is your bra bad for you?
    Links to articles highlighting the potential health risks caused by ill-fitting bras and the possible link between bras and breast cancer
    Click here to find out more

  • Reading List
    We have added some new books to our reading list.  Remember, by clicking on the link to Amazon shown next to each each book, New Approaches will receive a percentage of any purchases you make provided you accessed the Amazon site from the link on this website when you make the purchase.  
    click here to view the reading list

  • People Against Cancer opens offices in London and Ireland
    Click here to find out more

  • Recommended Reading
    New titles have been added to the Publications and Recommended Reading List pages

  • New Approaches DVD Collection
    This new DVD contains three separate programmes (previously available on video) which we hope will be of interest and help
    Click here to find out more

  • Art explores cancer experiences
    Artist Tim Wainwright worked as an artist in residence at the Royal Marsden Hospital to explore the lives of people with cancer and help destigmatise the illness.
    Click here to find out more

  • World Goodwill
    A new initiative to try and increase the flow of goodwill.
    Click here to find out more

  • "Cancers just love sugar"
    When Bernadette Bohan experienced cancer for a second time she made changes to her diet and lifestyle which not only helped her beat cancer but also restored her vitality.
    Click here to read this article

  • Breast Cancer & the Environment, although this information was first produced by the Women's Environmental Network in 2001 it contains information about environmental factors and breast cancer which is still relevant today
    Click here to read more

  • Pilot study into the effectiveness of treatment of menopausal symptoms by medical herbalists
    Click here to read more

  • A new kind of Health Service for the 21st Century
    Click here to read this Press Release from the British Holistic Medical Association.

  • Cancer Forces Tens of Thousands into Poverty
    A survey revealed by Macmillan Cancer Relief shows that up to three-quarters of cancer patients suffer from financial hardship.
    Click here to find out more about the Macmillan 'Better Deal' campaign.

  • Near Death Experience of the Light
    Mellen-Thomas Benedict is an artist who survived a near-death experience.  Click here to read his story

  • Yoga & Cancer
    This new New Approaches video demonstrates how working with gentle yoga postures, breathing and relaxation can really help all those affected by Cancer.  Click here to find our more

  • Joy Allen - My Gift of Cancer
    Joy Allen tells her story of her journey through breast cancer and what she has learnt along the way. Click here to find out more.

  • Video game
    A nine year old boy has inspired a video game to help children understand and cope with cancer Click here to find out more

  • Shop and Earn Money for New Approaches
    You can now buy online at Amazon and earn money for New Approaches at the same time.  Click here to find out more.



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