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Sponsored Walk

On Tuesday 3rd July 2007 a group of intrepid explorers took part in a 5km sponsored walk around Dorney Lake to raise funds for New Approaches.  

Here is a short report from Jenny

The walk was a tremendous success – and the rain held off for almost the entire time!

Picture of everyone in front of the lake

As predicted, Luke out rode all the walkers, with his Mum keeping up a tremendous pace, jogging beside him.

Picture of Gypsy the black Newfoundland dogThe wonderful Gypsy (a beautiful Newfoundland) found the walk gave her a tremendous thirst – as you can see!

Thank you all for your support, whether walking, donating, encouraging or in many cases all three. There are still donations pouring in, so I cannot tell you the final figures, but can say that it should reach at least 2,500, (Update - now over 3000!) and probably far more – which for a small charity such as ours is a tremendous help – so thanks again.

The final figures will be displayed here on the website at a later stage, so do please check up in a few weeks time.

Those still wishing to make a donation can do so using the donation link below or by cheque – please email  for details. However you donate (we don’t mind – it all counts!) please could you also email  to let admin know how much you have donated, so that we can keep a record of how much the event has raised.


On behalf of everyone at - a big thanks to Jenny Floyd (ably assisted by Greg!) for all the work that went into making the walk such a success.    copyright 2017 New Approaches to Cancer.  All rights reserved