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Sponsor a Space Appeal

picture of an oak tree - text reads 365 opportunities to remember“Sponsor a Space” is a unique way to really provide help where it is required. Instead of raising money to create one special space or centre, our aim is to create a dedicated pool of funding for services that we will provide. All services will be free of charge such as gentle yoga sessions, nutritional education, advice on prevention and all sorts of gentle therapies and healing; also counselling and support. These services will be available to all in need but perhaps without the funds to access this sort of expertise.

Your “Sponsor a Space” sponsorship money will go directly to finance either the hire of the space to provide these services and/or to enable us to pay for the time and the expertise required. Perhaps paying expenses to volunteers or a basic hourly rate to secure the regular services of qualified professionals. As the pool of funding grows. the benefits of free classes, courses and support groups will eventually be available nationwide and located where they are most needed.

In our “Sponsor a Space” Appeal, each day of the year has six 10 spaces available for you to sponsor, so just choose a date and year and send us your special dedication for that day on a postcard of your choice.


  • "DONATE a DAY" FOR 60

  • A "DAY a YEAR" FOR 5 YEARS 300

You choose, all dates are available, valid from 1st June 2004 until 1st June 2009

The charity New Approaches to Cancer has now been running for over 30 years sending out free information about the gentle ways people can help themselves through the experience of cancer. Now it’s time to expand our work and we need your help to put our new educational and support project into action. It’s very easy to “Sponsor a Space” all you have to do is:-

  1. Put your name, address, dedication and chosen date on a postcard

  2. Place in envelope with a cheque payable to “New Approaches to
    Cancer” for the total amount of the spaces you are able to sponsor.

  3. Send to:
    New Approaches to Cancer,
    “Sponsor a Space Appeal”
    PO Box 194, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0WJ


  1. Make your donation online (click here for details)

  2. Email us with details of your name, address, dedication and chosen date

To thank you for your generosity with our fund-raising campaign we are creating a symbolic Tree of Love in our office, which will be decorated with your postcards. A celebration reflected by your specially chosen words and images for a much loved person, place or event and the special dates you choose to sponsor. Dates to remember.

Each and every space sponsored is an important contribution to the whole and we very much appreciate all your creative funding ideas and group fund-raising initiatives to help us with this five year appeal.


Pass the message on

Click here for a PDF file containing full details of the appeal for you to download and print out and/or forward to any one who you think might help us.

Check progress

We will post regular updates on our website - check back regularly to see how our appeal is progressing.    copyright 2018 New Approaches to Cancer.  All rights reserved