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Videos & DVDs from New Approaches

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The New Approaches Collection (DVD)

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The New Approaches Collection contains three separate programmes which we hope will be of interest and help to you and/or your group as there is a lot of useful and positive information from many avenues of expertise.

(The programmes are also available separately on video - see further down this page for details)

Co-Operation Cancer

Is a 30 minute programme that was originally made with a grant from the National Lottery for health professionals and patients to demonstrate what is readily available to them in the form of gentle therapies and positive support. It is presented by health professionals in all areas of cancer patient support and care.

Yoga & Cancer

Follows cancer patients at a week run by New Approaches to Cancer and demonstrates how gentle exercise, relaxation and visualisation techniques in a supportive relaxed environment can really support the cancer patients, their families, friends and carers. A practical programme to gently “Yoga” along to.

Cancer 2000

Combines words of wisdom from cancer experts in all fields with unused and important footage that could not be incorporated in to Co-Operation Cancer because of time restraint. It is a fast paced programme and based around one of our most successful conferences and features excerpts from speakers such as Professor Karol Sikora, Dr Harvey Zarren and many more.

All the above programmes are helpful to both cancer patients and professionals alike and can form the basis of a lively discussion group as well as being positive and uplifting to those newly diagnosed along with family and friends.

The New Approaches DVD Collection is available free of charge (though donations to help with  P&P are greatly appreciated) -  contact the New Approaches office.


'Yoga and Cancer' (video) 12.99  

Cover picture of New Approaches Yoga & cancer video 'Yoga & Cancer' demonstrates how working with gentle yoga postures, breathing and relaxation can really help all those affected by Cancer.  Filmed at one of the Yoga and Cancer weeks organised by New Approaches to Cancer, this is an inspiring programme that everyone can join in with.
A variety of experienced teachers demonstrate techniques and movements that are suitable for all. 
With thanks to everyone who contributed.

Also available on DVD as part of The New Approaches Collection (see above).


'Co-operation Cancer' (video) 12.50    

picture of cover - turquoise cover with big red C round New Approaches logo (an oak tree)‘Co-Operation Cancer’ is a documentary style information video which the charity has produced to help get across the message that complementary therapies can help in the treatment of cancer. Thanks to a grant from the National Lottery Charities Board it has been produced to a high standard.

The video draws on the comments and experiences of both healthcare professionals and the patients themselves, emphasising that cancer is not simply a physical disease that can be treated with conventional surgery and drugs alone. It also illustrates the important role of voluntary cancer support groups and the ways in which they can be of help.

The list of experts interviewed in the programme is impressive. Among them Dr. Christine Page who speaks of the need to re-examine the role of the healthcare professional in the light of new evidence, and Dr. Rosy Daniel, of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, who talks about new developments in the understanding of how a positive attitude can boost the immune system.

Other sections cover specific therapies such as aromatherapy, homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, osteopathy, yoga and nutrition. Journalist Jane Alexander of the Daily Mail illustrates the enormous amount of interest in holistic health issues.

Interviews with cancer patients explain how gentle complementary therapies have increased their sense of well-being and helped them to cope with the rigors of conventional treatment. We also see them at the New Approaches, Laleham support group receiving healing.

The video encourages patients to take an active role in the process of living with cancer, improving quality of life, and participating in the healing process.

A final quote from the video:

"The person who has the illness is more important than the illness the person has."
Dr. John Latham

Also available on DVD as part of The New Approaches Collection (see above).


'Cancer 2000' (video) 15.00   

picture of cover - yellow backgound with red text Cancer 2000 and red New Approaches logoThis 60 minute video is both a record of our Cancer 2000 conference and a guide as to how a combined medical and complementary approach to cancer patient care can be of benefit.  The programme features presentations from Prof. Karol Sikora from the World Health Organisation; Dr. Harvey Zarren Medical Director of the Healing Connection at Atlanticare Medical Centre, Lynn, USA; Dr Peter Mansfield, Good HealthKeeping; Dr Christine Page, Homeopath and medical doctor; Julie Friedeberger, a Yoga Teacher and former cancer patient; and many more.

The programme is suitable for all involved in the cancer journey.  It includes new ideas and gives examples of how Gentle Therapies are already being used to complement and improve conventional treatment to provide a better quality of ongoing support and care.

Also available on DVD as part of The New Approaches Collection (see above).


picture of green phone  Contact us to order these titles

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