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Links to Other Useful Websites

Our list has got rather long, so we have divided the links up into sections to hopefully make things easier to find.  But some could have fitted in more than one place, so if you can't find what you need in one section, it is probably worth checking in another :-)

Cancer information & support
James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer is a specialist kidney cancer charity providing information and support to kidney cancer patients and their families in the UK. One of the services provided by the charity are regular patient days – ideal opportunities for patients and their families, friends or carers to get together to learn more about kidney cancer, and its treatment and management directly from healthcare professionals working with kidney cancer patients.
A National Directory for cancer related helplines.
Penny Brohn Cancer Care (formerly Bristol Cancer Help Centre) provides complementary care, The Bristol Approach, to people with cancer, and their loved ones. Working alongside medical treatment, this complementary approach can transform lives – giving people practical tools to improve their daily quality of life and helping to take the fear out of cancer.
The Fountain Centre was established in 1998 to provide a caring environment for patients newly diagnosed with cancer, in order to balance the traditional approaches to cancer treatment with a range of complementary therapies and individual support. The Fountain Centre is a charitable trust attached to St Luke's, Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust.  They have a drop in centre and offer complementary therapies, dietary advice, counselling and a library.
Integrated Cancer Care aims to provide medical and  psychosocial support for patients (and their families) using non conventional anti cancer treatment, irrespective of whether these treatments are being used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, conventional anti-cancer therapy. They serve patients from all over the UK and beyond.
At the heart of Macmillan Cancer Relief are over 2,000 Macmillan nurses working in posts in almost every local health authority in the UK, based in hospitals and the community.
A national charity that offers a specialised coaching service to working-age carers of cancer patients. Their website contains lots of information about the role of a carer plus practical advice and support.
A day centre offering psychological support following cancer diagnosis. The centre offers help for both patients and carers to live more positively with the diagnosis. The positive living programme is completely free and includes such elements as complementary therapies and one-to-one talk time with trained nurses.
A website set up to develop and provide holistic and integrated health care products and services that will enable people to become more involved in the creation of their optimum health, whether they are currently suffering from illness or seeking to prevent it.
A website devoted to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The site is a medically approved educational resource that may be of benefit to people affected by non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma including carers, friends and relatives.
Bob Mahler Cancer Care is an organisation based in Ely, Cambridgeshire.
They exist to provide as much information advice as they can for people in their locality. They also run events and hold support meetings to promote awareness of cancer in general.
This website's aim is to provide unbiased information on complementary help for cancer patients, to try and increase public awareness of the complementary help that is available, and to get that information to patients through the NHS.
Yes to life is a new initiative to open up alternative treatment options for cancer patients in the UK.
This is a free web link to a book written by Susan Fletcher-Brockdorff R, Dip NC and Dr. Aubrey Hill L.M.S.S.A entitled Cancer It's not just Diet.  The book uses a simple format to guide patients through the minefield of treatments safely and effectively.
People Against Cancer is a grassroots, non-profit, public benefit organization dedicated to "New Directions in the War On Cancer". People Against Cancer has long been established in America and they have recently opened offices in London and Ireland.
Emotional support and practical advice to Carers and those affected by cancer of all kinds including Mesothelioma.
Brain Tumour UK is a national charity, celebrating their 10th Anniversary in 2007.  Their aims are to increase awareness and knowledge of brain tumours, to improve access to information and support, to advocate for enhanced treatment and care and to raise significant funds for research projects.
Jo’s Trust Fighting Cervical Cancer is a UK based registered charity dedicated to women and their families and friends affected by pre-cancer and cancer of the cervix.
The Golden Centre mission is to provide, mainly through complimentary therapies, a life and health support service, primarily but not exclusively, to people who are cancer sufferers.
Based in Windsor, Berkshire, Hair Inxs has been helping women for over 14 years to get their life back to normal after having suffered a hair loss from many different illnesses.
Researcher Edward Priestley believes that many cancers are caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, radiation and even certain medical drugs. Mr Priestley's advice is free and no products are sold on his website where you can find information on avoiding toxic chemicals etc.
Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust is the largest brain tumour charity in the UK and  exists to find a cure for childhood and adult brain tumours through funding research. SDBTT offers support, hope and information to patients and carers affected by high-grade brain tumours.
SDBTT Astro Fund specialises in support for patients and carers living with a low-grade (slow-growing) brain tumour.
CANCERactive is a new and independent charity that aims to help people increase their personal odds of beating cancer. To achieve this they believe in empowering people – to understand the possible causes, and to build effective integrated therapy programmes, using well-researched, complementary and alternative therapies not merely orthodox ones – the best of the best.
Wessex cancer trust produces a large range of cancer information and  leaflets, including information on Oophorectomy, breast cancer, cancer of the testis, skin cancer.  They offer information, advice and support on many issues affecting cancer patients and their families including aftercare, prevention and treatment options.
One of the most complete sources of mesothelioma and asbestos information available on the web. MAA Center is a volunteer based organization, not influenced by any commercial or legal groups, formed with the intention of providing an unbiased resource to those touched by this form of cancer.
Comprehensive Mesothelioma research guide offers topics ranging from Mesothelioma symptoms and treatments, in depth cancer research reports, diagnosing & imaging techniques, asbestos jobsites, US cancer centers and a cancer forum.

Mesothelioma Cancer Centre
The Mesothelioma Cancer Center is committed to providing the latest, up-to-date information to our visitors in hopes of spreading awareness about the dangers of asbestos and the diseases that result from exposure to this toxic mineral. The site offers a one-stop resource on all issues surrounding asbestos and its resulting illnesses, from exposure prevention to treatment options to current clinical studies.
Mesothelioma Web has been in place for nearly a decade, and is one of the most comprehensive sites on mesothelioma, providing facts about palliative care, nutrition, and chemotherapy, as well as information on clinical trials.
A comprehensive single resource on Mesothelioma Cancer and asbestos-related issues available on the Internet. This website has been created by a dedicated team of researchers in the fields of law, medicine, history, journalism, industrial science and safety, chemistry and geology.
Cancer Journey is a national cancer information signposting service for any one affected by any type of cancer. Information categories include carers pages, living and working with cancer and how to find local and national support. The helpline (Tel: 0303 333 000 3) operates 10am till 4pm 7 days a week. is a website set up to help with some of the many questions we ask about side effects from hormonal drugs. On the site  there is details of medically trialled products patients can buy from pharmacies, on the internet and sometimes on NHS prescription, to help with skin side effects from hormonal drugs, treatments and therapies.
 Pseudomyxoma Survivor provide a support network for patients and carers of PMP. This is such a rare cancer, affecting an estimated 1 in a million people per year.  This support network offers emotional encouragement and a community where fellow patients and care givers can collaborate online.  The community has already proven an invaluable source of strength to so many survivors of this rare disease.



Cancer support specifically for children
Christian Lewis Children's Cancer Care is a national charity supporting children with cancer and their families.  They aim to make a difference in the life of a child with cancer and their family by improving their quality of life.  Their services are based on a child centred, holistic approach, offering emotional and practical support for the whole family. 
A nine year old boy with leukaemia has inspired a video game to help children understand and deal with cancer. You can download the game from this website (for free) and read messages from Ben and find out more about how he realised his wish.
Website dedicated to providing information and support to high grade brain tumour patients, their families, friends and caregivers living in the UK.

The British Wheel of Yoga is the largest yoga organisation in the country and is recognised by the sports councils as the national governing body for yoga in the UK. Their site contains information about yoga and a search facility for finding a yoga teacher near you.
Website describing how Gillian Bex turned her health around from ME and breast cancer.
Website for Brenda Brain, a remedial yoga teacher qualified by the Yoga for Health Foundation and a former member of the Ickwell Bury teaching team.  She offers a broad spectrum of yoga, accessible to everyone, through one-to-one and class teaching in the Bedfordshire area.


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Retreats, support, healing & self help
The Satchidananda Wholistic Trust aims to make it possible for all people to enjoy a healthier and more peaceful life.  Their popular Retreats draw interest from all over the UK whilst locally held Yoga classes offer relaxation from everyday stresses and strains and at the same time provide study and practice facilities. Yoga classes are non-competitive and with different types of Complementary Therapies also available the emphasis is always therapeutic.
Lendrick Lodge offers groups and individuals an opportunity to nurture and develop in tranquil and natural surroundings. They provide a full spectrum of holistic courses and retreats and offer an unique selection of therapies and journeys of empowerment.
Established over 50 years ago, thousands of people all over the world have been helped by this renowned Healing Sanctuary.  The Sanctuary is a registered charity and exists to help those who are sick and suffering, either through absent (or distant) spiritual healing, or through contact healing by appointment in The Sanctuary itself.
A directory of self help groups for cancer patients and others.
Positive Health is one of the world's foremost magazines devoted to all aspects of complementary medicine.  The site contains more than 1,000 pages of articles, links, research as well as a portal to browse for books, organic food, health foods and supplements as well as complementary products, services and practitioners.
Acne can be a side effect of chemotherapy.  The Acne Resource Center site contains hundreds of articles including research information, an in-depth look at the different types of acne as well tips about how to cope with the emotional effects of acne.
A website where you can write a diary about any medical experience and hear and read from others with similar experience.
Click here to find out more

Endometriosis SHE Trust (UK)
Offers help, holistic information and support to women with endometriosis and everyone else interested, to be able to make informed choices about conventional, nutritional and complementary therapies that are available for the management of this disease.
Craniosacral therapy, life coaching, therapeutic massage, Aqua Detox and Yoga.
The Wilbury School is based in Brighton, East Sussex, and was founded in 1982. Since then they have successfully trained hundreds of people in Massage and Reflexology. Their Core Training comprises diploma courses in holistic massage and reflexology.
Carers Direct is a national information, advice and support service for carers in England. Available online at and as a free, confidential helpline seven days a week , it provides accurate, relevant information for carers and those who support them.
The Bereaved Partners Support Group (BPSG) is a support group for people who have lost their partners to cancer.  The aim of the group is to create a regular space for people to share stories and experiences with others who have experienced a similar kind of loss.


General nutrition information & stockists
Grail Haven Spring Water is pure and natural, energising spring water. Bottled on the Australian mountain where it's drawn - Mt Tamborine, Queensland.
Available from New Approaches, email for more details.
Patrick Holford provides information on nutrition and supplements in relation to a number of health issues.  Much of the content on the site can be accessed by paid subscription only.
Viva! actively campaigns to promote healthy vegetarian and vegan diets and to end animal suffering. Contact the website for a free Go Vegie pack, including a fantastic 40 page magazine.
The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation is the UK's chief health and nutrition charity. Contact the website for info on any aspect of health and your diet, fact sheets and campaign materials.
The Water Ionizer is a new product to the UK that not only filters water but also produces alkaline water for drinking and acidic water for washing and plants.
Apitherapy Health website which gives details of their pure bee product range, all items have nutritional and healing properties and have been used for many years by Susan Fletcher-Brockdorff and Dr. Aubrey Hill for treatment of cancer patients.
Seaweed granules and pieces - for sprinkling, cooking and seasoning
Easyhealth stock a variety of juicers, some juicers are also available from New Approaches to Cancer.
Food for the Brain is a non-profit educational campaign, created by a group of nutritionists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers and scientists to promote the link between nutrition and mental health.
The Vegetarian & Vegan Foundations (VVF) is s registered charity.  It was setup to monitor and explain the increasing amount of scientific research linking diet to health.  VVF aims to become the major resource on vegetarian and vegan health and nutrition for health professionals and the public.
Kitchen Buddy Theresa Webb's Culinary courses specialise in vegan, gluten-free and raw nutrition. With organic seasonal produce, food diaries, fast basic and gourmet recipes and lunch. Bespoke celebration cakes Fresh handmade chocolates and Little Cubes of Super food and luxury gift boxes.
Biobran MGN-3 Immunomodulator Information & Research on Biobran MGN-3 Arabinoxylan Complex.  Biobran is a health supplement made from breaking down rice bran with enzymes from the Shitake mushroom.



Organic information & stockists
The Soil Association is the UK's leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming. 
UK organic product search engine offering links to organic, vegetarian, vegan, special diets, ethical and eco-friendly products.
Shop and delivery service for Surrey with a wide range of organic products.
Bumblebee is one of London's largest independent retailers of vegetarian, organic and whole foods.  Delivery available to rest of UK.
A searchable list of organic goods and natural food suppliers in the UK.
Independent organic retailer based in London.
Organic meat delivered nationwide.
The Biodynamic Agricultural Association (BDAA) exists in order to support, promote and develop the biodynamic approach to farming, gardening and forestry.
Extensive range of certified organic skin, body, hair, oral & health care products.
Garden Organic is the working name of the Henry Doubleday Research Association, the national charity for organic growing committed to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food.
Extensive range of certified organic skin, body, hair, oral & health care products.
Soil Association certified organic fruit and vegetable box scheme based just outside Malvern.  They currently deliver to the Worcestershire and Herefordshire areas but are hoping to expand.
Organic seed specialists of organic vegetable and herb seeds, they hold a huge number of French bean varieties as well as many other vegetables and herbs.  They also provide information on cultivation, sowing, seed saving and recipes for your harvest.  Nursery open may to October by appointment only, seed available all year by mail order.
The Organic Pantry is 277 acre organic farm with a farm shop on site and  a box scheme delivery service throughout Yorkshire. They focus strongly on growing their own produce and buy in from as local as possible for other organic fresh food. They also have special dietary foods such as wheat free, dairy free etc. It is run by a trained nurse and a nutritionist and who are both very interested in being supportive for general healthy eating and specific dietary requirements.
Organic skin care, kind to your body and the environment, handmade with only the highest quality ingredients. No parabens, no artificial colours and no SLES, our range of organic skincare products, provides an alternative to nourish, protect and feed your skin.

Other informative websites and retailers
This interesting website contains information about meditation and how colouring can help us to attain a meditative state, plus a wealth of information on self discovery.
The Green Directory is a directory of people, organisations and businesses involved in the green sectors.  Also provides regularly updated news on green issues
The Penny Bear Company is an all volunteer, non-profit organisation that provides teddy bears to anyone in need of a hug.
A beautiful website, full of colour and light. Wholebeing specialise in co-creating resonant healing products aimed at harnessing the energy required for manifesting your full potential. The essences, images, oils, oracle, sprays & personal consultations are filled with the vibrational gifts of colour, light, numerology & sound.
A Complementary Resource Site for Healthcare Consumers and Professionals Providing links to Services and Products, Alternative Health, Education, Dental and Medical Resources, Hospitals, Employment, Healthcare Publications, Mental Health and Much More!
The Dr. Edward Bach centre website contains information about the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation, the Dr. Edward Bach Healing Trust and the famous Bach flower remedies.
The Institute for Complementary Medicine (ICM) is a registered charity  formed in 1982 to provide the public with information on Complementary Medicine. Their website provides a variety of information including news, reports and details of courses and practitioners.
Spirit of Change is a free bi-monthly web magazine containing articles, news and information about holistic medicine and other related issues.
Between 2002 and 2005 Tim Wainwright worked as an artist in residence at The Royal Marsden Hospital in Fulham, London, funded by the Derek Butler Trust.  Using photography, interviews, film and music, his work at the hospital tried to explore the lives of people with cancer and help destigmatise the illness. This resulted in fourteen short musical portraits, produced in collaboration with musician Olli Cunningham.
Magnetic Therapy website containing information and products which use magnets as an aid to pain control.
The MedHyp eZine was originally created for medical practitioners interested in the most up-to-date research in the world of hypnotherapy, and its application as a clinical tool. It has since proved very popular with all kinds of healthcare professional.
What Doctors Don't Tell you is an informative website with information covering many health issues.  The site contains information on reports and publications which can be purchased but also provides a free service of a twice weekly bulletin which you can register for. 
Shirtee-Jay cater to individuals who have hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia and other medical conditions which cause hair loss. They have a range of scarves and hats to suit everyone that are comfortable, stylish, practical and affordable.
HempGarden provide a range of gentle skin and hair care products containing finest hemp seed oil blended with 100% plant-based ingredients, botanical extracts and essential oils.

Imbhams Farm granary was started in May 2006 to work with fresh cereal grains using local grain crops such as oats and wheat.  They make and sell fresh mueslis, porridge oats and flour at Farmers markets and special events across SW Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.
Imbhams Farm Granary, The Estate Office, Killinghurst Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3BG. Tel: 01428 642945
Two-thirds of humanity use the squatting position to answer the call of nature. In those cultures, appendicitis, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, colitis, prostate disorders and colon cancer are virtually unknown, visit this website to find out more.
This website provides a comprehensive guide to the menopause, it contains articles and information written by experts on all aspects of the menoapuse.
Using the original instructions of Dr Edward Bach, Healing Herbs, since 1988 has produced the full range of Bach flower remedies, including the famous Five Flower combination that he called 'the rescue remedy'. Dedicated to further the understanding of Bach flower therapy, Healing Herbs publishes new research, produces thought-provoking films and sponsors original field projects and training programmes
Hair In.X.s specialise and provide a unique semi permanent hair replacement solution and professional hair extensions for people suffering with hair loss. Suitable for men and women who have lost their hair following chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatment, cranial surgery patients, alopecia and trichotillomania sufferers, and chemical damage.


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