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General Information

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Newsletters & Magazines - Our newsletters and annual magazines, with news & information about our current and recent work and support

Introductory booklet - An online copy of our booklet, which introduces New Approaches, the Holistic Approach and the 5 Step Approach to the Prevention and Control of Ill Health

New Approaches to Cancer through positive self help - Our introductory handbook online with useful information about how we can help and what you can do to help yourself

Nutritional Guidelines - Suggestions for a healthier lifestyle and diet

Organic stockists - Some suggested organic stockists and useful telephone numbers

Recommended reading list - Some informative and inspiring books

Introduction to complementary therapies - A brief introduction to the main complementary therapies that are widely available

Yoga for Cancer - Information about Yoga classes and retreats

The Holistic Approach to Cancer - Information for health professionals

Grail Haven News - Grail Haven Sacred Twin Springs newsletter



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Is your bra bad for you? - This page contains links to a number of articles highlighting the potential health risks caused by ill-fitting bras and the possible link between bras and breast cancer.

A new kind of health service for the 21st century - A Press Release from the British Holistic Medical Association.

Pilot Study - Medical Herbalists and the Menopause - A report on the Randomised, controlled pilot study of the effectiveness of treatment of menopausal symptoms by medical herbalists.

Cancer Forces Tens of Thousands into Poverty - read about the Macmillan 'Better Deal' campaign.

Breast cancer - A personal story by Linda Sole

13 Practical Principles to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer - Extract of an article by Nature's Wellness Box Inc.

Positive thinking - An article by Rachel Charles on the power of positive thinking and the role of psychoneuroimmunology - the power of positive thought

Reiki - A natural way of healing that anyone can learn

The healing power of yoga - Yoga teacher Julie Friedeberger tells how yoga can help the healing process

Yoga and cancer - Yoga teacher Julie Friedeberger explains how yoga can help people with cancer

Aura-Soma - Colour Healing by Sue Shattock

New Approaches voted Here's Health Charity of The Year 2003 - view the article that appeared in the March issue of Here's Health magazine.

Breast Cancer & the Environment - the case for primary prevention from the Women's Environmental Network (WEN).    copyright 2018 New Approaches to Cancer.  All rights reserved