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How Can We Help?

New Approaches to Cancer is a UK registered charity that has been running for over 30 years.  Started by two doctors and two healers, we provide a free nationwide referral service, offering information on a wide range of gentle therapies that can and do work alongside the conventional medical treatment now available for cancer patient care.

We can help you find local help including:

  • Complimentary and holistic practitioners

  • Support groups

  • Clinics

  • Gentle therapy information

We can share our 30 years of experience in the following areas:

  • Dietary advice & guidelines

  • Books & Reading Lists

  • Educational Videos

  • A confidential advice & information line

  • Speakers on various associated subjects

  • Self help courses run throughout the country

  • A unique approach to cancer patient care that runs alongside conventional medical treatment


More about us and our approach

New Approaches to Cancer promotes the benefits of complementary therapies and holistic treatment for cancer patients and their carers. We provide an information and referral service, directing people to their nearest sources of help through a network of support groups and practitioners.

The holistic approach we advocate involves treating body, mind and spirit.

The body can be treated conventionally with drugs and surgery, but it also needs nourishment from a healthy diet, providing a proper balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to fight the cancer and rebuild. There are also over 250 complementary therapies which can help boost and strengthen the immune system.

Treating the mind is something that conventional medicine often ignores in the battle against cancer. The brain after all controls many physical bodily functions. Adopting a positive approach helps stack the odds in your favour. Research of breast cancer patients for example showed that those having a 'fighting spirit' improved their chances of survival by an amazing 265% !!! It is our aim that more and more cancer sufferers should be aware of this positive advantage.

Life and death situations inevitably involve questions of faith. Those whose lives are touched by cancer are rarely unmoved on a spiritual level. Cancer is not selective of faith. Everyone is vulnerable whether Christian, Jew, Moslem, Hindu, or any other religion. However cancer often expands the spiritual aspect, allowing a deeper understanding. Healing is available for those who seek it.

By involving yourself in your treatment and adopting a positive self help approach you can be involved 100% of the time in combating cancer. If you get ten minutes with your consultant every three months what do you do in between?

Click here to read our introductory booklet which explains more about New Approaches, the Holistic Approach and the 5 Step Approach to the Prevention and Control of Ill Health.    copyright 2018 New Approaches to Cancer.  All rights reserved