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Yoga Junction

Yoga for Cancer classes at Finsbury Park

Yoga Junction will be holding Yoga for Cancer classes on Thursday afternoons from 2.00 - 3.30pm from February 2005.

Here's what Tara Fraser & Nigel Jones the directors of Yoga Junction have to say:

"By practising yoga techniques, cancer patients are able to strengthen the immune system and foster the inner healing resources of the body.  Benefits may include rehabilitation from surgery and improved coping with chemotherapy.  Yoga practice can help restore harmony at all levels following serious illness.  The class is taught by Lizzy Hall a trained yoga therapist (Yoga Biomedical Trust Diploma) and works with people with a variety of medical conditions.  There will be time after class for tea and biscuits and an opportunity for the students to talk to other people in a similar situation."

"Yoga Junction is a dedicated yoga centre in Finsbury Park.  We handpick our teachers with great care and are extremely proud of the quality of teaching and dedication shown by our staff.  We have all been practising yoga for many years and have all undergone a formal training.  Most of us hold the teaching Diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga or a comparable professional qualification.  This means teachers have trained for three years, have a regular personal practice, first aid certificate and are bound to continue their study by regular in-service training.  Our studio spaces are warm, airy and full of natural light.  We are located about 90 seconds walk from Finsbury Park station and are on the ground floor, no stairs or lifts to negotiate."

Yoga Junction contact information:

Unit 24, City North, Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, London N4 3HF
Telephone: 020 7263 3113

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