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Women's Environmental Network Campaign

Chemicals under the spotlight

Over 30,000 chemicals are currently on the European market without adequate environmental and health assessment.  Industrially made (synthetic) chemicals are found increasingly in our food, water, homes and bodies and the regulations in place are failing to protect people and the environment.

Concerns about some of these chemicals are that they build up in our bodies and the environment, they are or may be toxic, and they do or may disrupt endocrine system (hormones) in humans and wildlife.  Some are linked to breast and other cancers, some are suspected of being behind other health problems such as asthma, allergies and reproductive disorders.  These chemicals are in everyday use in pesticides, paints, plastics and household products.

The European Commission (EC) has just published draft legislation on the internet aimed at completely overhauling the control of chemicals made in or imported into the European Union (EU).  Interested parties have until 2 July to submit their comments to the EC President, Romano Prodi.

The Women's Environmental Network (WEN) has produced a factsheet that explains more.  Click here to view it

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