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What You Can Eat
(from introductory booklet)

Good food, plenty of gentle exercise and regular checks are common sense body maintenance whether or not you have cancer. But there is so much contradictory advice about nutrition, so many miracle diets and so much forbidden food that it is easy to panic and give up before you have begun. There is no doubt that some of the strict regimes do work but they may not suit everyone - the hair shirt approach is not for all! If in doubt, it is better to adopt a nutritional programme that is practical for you and your family and will cause you no stress to follow, nor too much guilt if you falter.

We advise you that it is important to consult nutritional specialists. We have devised our own routine for sensible eating which should be attainable wherever you live and whatever your budget. It is not a guarantee of perfect health - it is a step in the right direction.

So, it is YES to:

  • NATURAL FOODS - there are up to 3,000 additives used in Britain, half of them unnecessary, and their combined effects so far unknown.

  • ORGANIC FOOD IN SEASON - even supermarkets now offer this option. They accept that food grown in artificially- saturated soil is a mounting health hazard.

  • PULSES - an excellent source of protein.

  • SPROUTING GRAINS AND SEEDS - these are a rich source of vitamin C and active enzymes.

  • VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS - they have become necessary in these days of nutritionally deficient food. They should be taken, on advice, as part of a routine diet.

  • SELENIUM - a recognised aid. Can be taken in tablet form and is found naturally in poultry, whole grains and seaweed.

  • ZINC, POTASSIUM AND COPPER - these protect the immune system.



  • RED MEAT - especially that injected with hormones. Make sure your butcher knows his sources. SATURATED ANIMAL FATS, SALT, SUGAR AND HIGHLY SPICED OR HIGHLY FLAVOURED FOODS AND DRINKS such as curry and coffee.


  • ALCOHOL - especially spirits.

This is the outline principle.

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