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A new beginning with help from New Approaches to Cancer
by Pauline Lomas

 I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, and for 4 years had diligently followed a holistic approach to try to shrink the tumour without surgery, chemo or radiation. Although the tumour still remained palpable, I was in better overall health than I had been previous to the diagnosis, mostly due to the holistic approach and doing a partial Gerson therapy which included lots of juicing and coffee enemas. In 2005 whilst researching alternative approaches to cancer I came across a clinic in Spain where they were doing ECT, and decided to go for the treatment. It was not an easy option, but had no side-effects, and was found to actually boost the immune system.

I did lose most of the breast as the tumour underwent a necrosis and forced its way out of the breast. It was an expensive procedure that took all my resources. I published a book about my experience as I wanted to help others in any way I could, and reading other people’s stories had always inspired me.

I was determined to try to get back to living a life without thinking about the word ‘cancer’ every day, but the reality would be that there was unfinished business, and although I tried to ignore the red scaly patch on the site where the breast had been, it was not going away. Hyperthermia was next on the list, but again expensive and so I put myself in debt to have 12 treatments. I did feel that this was working and would have liked to continue - but again there was just no money and I did not want to borrow more. By 2012 the small patch had grown considerably and I was at a loss as to what to do.

My oncologist who had always been very helpful despite my refusing the NHS orthodox approach, offered me the drug ‘Letrozole’, but after researching that my instinct said ‘no’. I surprised myself in then asking for surgery, which she agreed to do despite the fact that I still said no to chemo and radiation. It was very important to me that I kept control of my choices. I wanted to find a middle way –having worked tirelessly to investigate better, less invasive treatment for cancer, I was not about to throw in the towel.

The little red patch had in fact invaded the muscle and my oncologist had had to dig deep into tissue to reach clear margins. Chemo and radiation were definitely off my list, so I knew that I would need to step up my game when I left the hospital. This was where ‘hyperthermia’, hyperbaric oxygen, and photodynamic therapy, would have proved very beneficial in my case but of course not available on the NHS. I was left with an enormous scar that took a while to heal and allow me to stand upright again, but I was still alive and my spirit as always determined to carry on.

 I was now a fully-fledged ‘amazon woman’ as the surgery had seen to it that any remaining breast tissue was removed. A firm believer in prayer of all shapes and sizes, I was always tuning in to my guardian angels and on such a day, when I was asking, “o.k.-what now?” I happened upon the website for New Approaches to Cancer.

God knows how I had never come across them before, but after an initial phone call to their 800 number where I left my story in brief, I was contacted by a very knowledgeable and forthright lady who after listening patiently to a rundown through the last 11 years of my complex story promised to send me a complimentary package of information with all things related to healing cancer naturally. As a closing question she asked. “Are you doing vitamin C infusions?” My answer was ‘no’, apart from the vitamin c powder I put in my juices - they had always been off the wish list due to geographic and financial availability.

 A great burst of joy entered my heart then when the lady who I would come to know as dear Dottie, finalized the conversation by saying in her ‘quite direct and to the point manner’; “well my dear I am sure we can help you with that!” And true to her promise Dottie and New Approaches to Cancer have been a life-line to me at a time when I have needed to regain my confidence, in the choices I have made to follow an organic approach to healing. Dottie’s wisdom comes from a long background of healing and service to others. The charity was the first one dedicated to providing all manner of holistic assistance in helping patients and their families.

 Every time I come to visit Dottie in Brighton I am able to breathe in a fresh and invigorating new energy, and discover a new piece for the puzzle of my particular ‘healing journey’. We are all such individuals and I believe there is no one way to heal, but making important dietary changes for the body, leads to a healthier, and clearer mind, enabling one to follow intuitive signs along the way. Intuition has always played an important role in my healing. I am coming up to 12 years since my initial diagnosis, and I have changed tack several times according to what feels right for me at the time.

At the moment I am experimenting with a more ketogenic diet, and thanks again to information from New Approaches I have started using the hyperbaric oxygen chambers available at MS support centres. This past year has been a particularly stressful one for me because as well as having to deal with my own recovery, I have been helping my sisters to take care of our elderly mother who just died recently at 88 years old. Dottie helped me so much to keep balanced and accept the process as part of life’s lesson in spiritual transformation, and mum was able to pass peacefully at home which is such a blessing.

It takes a very determined soul to survive a cancer diagnosis, and the support of like-minded individuals is a great boost for the spirit. Giving back to society by inspiring others is something that has always been a part of me it seems. I have found that there is a kind of spiritual magic available when one appreciates and gives gratitude for the blessings along the way. I don’t know how best to describe it really but I know it has a deep connection to FAITH, and this goes beyond any one religion, or healing modality. As citizens of a big wide world we are all mysteriously connected in our determination to solve this giant and often confusing puzzle to wellness.

I am forever grateful to Dottie and everyone at New Approaches for being there when I was reaching out in need and reminding me that each day is indeed a new beginning, and with faith we can indeed discover new approaches to cancer… approaches to living!


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