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Nutritional Guidelines

When  a body has cancer the immune system is out of balance and to help the various healing systems we would like to offer some suggestions. Just as you have had a long search to find the most suitable treatments for helping the body while cancer holds sway, so it is vitally important that the foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural remedies are used to suit your particular needs. Please do try and find a Practitioner of Nutrition or Applied Kinesiology who can help you.

Most people, but not all, find a vegetarian or vegan diet tremendously helpful at this time so given below are some addresses to assist you in your search. Please try and choose foods that are organic as the life-force and vitamin/mineral content will benefit the immune system. Organic foods in general are obtainable from reputable health shops, organic farms and most supermarkets. Do contact the organic food suppliers in your area. The Soil Association, plus organic organisations from Yellow Pages or Health Magazines are the best sources of information.

Depending on individual needs, some experts believe that certain foods can help to fight cancer. For instance, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are all said to contain cancer fighting substances; garlic and onions are thought to boost cancer immune cells; phytoestrogen in soya beans may help to protect against cancer of the breast and prostate. As the body is made up of 80% water, it would be helpful to refresh the supply with the best quality water available. Latest research shows that fluoride enriched water may not be helpful to some cancer sufferers.

Try not to have where possible:

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

  • Refined and processed foods

  • Sugar, sweeteners and hidden sugars

  • Canned food and drinks

  • Red meats and shellfish

  • Aluminium utensils

  • Preservatives and additives

  • Caffeine

  • Added salt - Watch for added salt in packet and tinned foods

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