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The Holistic Approach to Cancer - A Guide for Health Professionals (page 2)

The following brief descriptions of some of these approaches may be helpful.



The Chinese have been successfully treating cancer with acupuncture for thousands of years. Their experience is that cancer patients generally respond very well to traditional acupuncture alone, although it is in practice usually combined with dietary advice, herbal remedies and breathing/visualisation exercises.

Cancer is seen as a stagnation of meridian energy which has perhaps been building up for many years and which may derive originally from blockages on physical, nutritional, emotional and/or psycho-spiritual levels. The insertion of needles into carefully chosen points catalyses the release of their stagnant energy. Thus the patient's own self-healing powers are enabled to reduce, eliminate and heal the site of the cancer.

If the cancer has reached a more advanced stage, there is still the potential for much inner healing and personal re-integration to occur along with a significant or total reduction in any associated pain.



Iscador is a preparation made from mistletoe which is helpful to cancer patients during the post operative period to prevent recurrences, and in the treatment of inoperable cases.

It has been researched for nearly fifty years and is safe in use and improves the patient's general well-being. It is preferably given by injection and treatment must be prescribed and supervised by a doctor.


Herbal Medicine

The herbal approach is aimed at stimulating the immune system with herbs which work on the lymphatic system. Also other herbs which stimulate the circulation and aid this action by raising the temperature of the body. It is important to remove any focus of infection which will tax the immune system further - this is where anti-infective remedies play their part.

Herbal medicine is less concerned with targeting the tumour than helping the body's own defences. However, there are traditional anti-neoplastic herbs that are employed specifically to inhibit the development of tumours. Remedies might include herbs of benefit to the organ involved.

Bitter herbs are important to promote digestive function and support the liver in a detoxifying regime. While herbal diuretics help the eliminative function of the kidneys, other herbs may be used to provide a purgative action to the digestive system.

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