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Grail Haven - Sacred Twin Springs Water (page 2)

Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2003 (Continued)

Book review: Hamish Miller's "The Wee Book of Dowsing" is a vital asset for all of those who have, or would like to have this god given gift. It reminded us that the Grail Haven waters was first divined for by a man in his eighties with a wondrous reputation for finding "God's most precious gift" as he called it, water. He "divined" with yarrow twigs growing in water.

  • According to ABC radio, by the year 2020 2/3rds of the world will be without clean water!!

Healing garden: Healers are needed for Grail Haven monthly healing clinic; please contact us if you are interested.
Gardeners needed: An afternoon in the garden in loving service with a sacred space could be a rewarding experience for you.

Sacred Sites Tours - Celtic Britain - June 2004: We are now putting together the 12th tour. In June 2004 we plan to visit Ireland. We will arrive at Heathrow and make our way to Glastonbury for a retreat in that holiest of place. On to Anglesea in North Wales and the boat to Ireland where we shall take a sea trip to one of the famous Archangel Michael island sites of Skellig Michael. Across to Iona, to Roslyn Chapel in Scotland, and ending with an option to stay at Findhorn and experience some sacred gardening. France will be the next tour in May 2005.

  • Led by dreams and visions a healing well was discovered in a sacred garden. This water is now distributed
    world wide.

John Dalton is visiting Australia at present. John is the resident harpist for the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, and we are delighted to have him play for our garden meditation group.

For further information on the above and to place orders please contact us at or phone: 0755453650. Water available locally in Tamborine, Gold Coast and Brisbane. In NSW - Sydney and Blue Mountains. Also available by post or courier.

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