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Grail Haven - Sacred Twin Springs Water

Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2003

The Grail Haven symbol- the image combines four elements of the most ancient icons of the world: The Chalice Cup, the Vesica Pisces, the Sword and the Twin SnakesWelcome to the very first newsletter from Grail Haven, on Mount Tamborine.  We stayed on in England after our Sacred Sites Tour of Italy to help distribute the water.  We were invited to be present at the New Approaches to Cancer AGM and witness some of their wonderful healing work.  Working within a conventional hospital system, they offer natural and complementary medicines for those diagnosed with cancer.  Out of the inspiration of this visit we aim to set up in the beautiful gardens of Grail Haven a weekly free healing group to assist those with health problems.  See below for more details.

On our return we were told of an amazing story concerning the water. In Melbourne a sixteen year old diabetic boy recorded his best ever blood/sugar readings in his entire life after drinking Grail Haven water! When the water was withdrawn his readings returned to previous unstable levels. Once he started drinking the water again the young man responded again with stable blood/sugar levels. The parents added that his mood swings were considerably improved also when he drank the water regularly. We are always delighted to receive good news regarding the water.

Within hours of arriving back in Australia we were called to attend the scientist Dr Emoto's lecture in Brisbane. His work was as fascinating as ever with the frozen water crystals, email but afterwards Geraldine approached him with a bottle of GH water, which incidentally he had been drinking during the lecture, and showed him our wonderful photo of the water crystal. "Did our laboratory take the picture" he enquired, "Yes, and this was the result" I reminded him, "Very beautiful crystal, very good" he said. Praise indeed from this man whose work in the northern hemisphere draws up to two thousand people at a lecture.

News from the Garden: The garden is a work in progress and all and any hands to help are gratefully received. For the last couple of years we have been blessed with the help of Robert who spent many years in the States working alongside the Ascended Master channel Elizabeth Clare Prophet, he would love more helpful hands please. We have recently been donated a young magnolia tree with pure white blooms. It will be a wonderful companion to the old magnolias we have here in pink and white, and deep crimson. Also from two Sai Baba devotees we were given two hundred bromeliaeds in interesting shades with stunning blooms.

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