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A Five-Step Approach to Prevention and Control of Ill Health (from introductory booklet)

Because so little is understood about the prevention and control of ill health, a simple 5-step approach has been devised for anyone who may (i) want to prevent themselves from falling ill, (ii) have some form of disease, whether it be cancer, arthritis, hay fever, a simple cold or any other disharmony, and (iii) may want to understand what has happened to them and how they can reverse the process.

The 5-step approach is as follows:


We need to be needed, somewhere, by someone, at home, or at work. To have a sense of security and a meaning in life - a worthwhile job, or a hobby which provides a sense of happy fulfilment. Write down the answer for you and note these must be 100% truthful!

Q1: Do you feel needed?          Yes/No

Q2: Do you feel secure in yourself?          Yes/No

Q3: Is there a deep meaning in your life?          Yes/No

Q4: Do you feel a sense of fulfilment and contentment?          Yes/No

Q5: Are you truly happy?          Yes/No


We have to have the will to live or to be healthy. To fight for what we want is all important. We need not be victims in this life. We can control our own destiny.

Q6: Do you have the will to live?          Yes/No

Q7: Do you have the will to be healthy?          Yes/No

Q8: Are you prepared to make changes?          Yes/No


Love is more powerful than any medicine. We need to build close relationships (wife or husband, child, friend, nurse, social worker, doctor, health visitor .) with someone who has time to listen, who works with love, who can provide hope, encouragement, expectations and belief in success - and can help us to love ourselves. When two or more people work together in this way, something extra enters in - it becomes a healing relationship.

Q9: Do you have a close one-to-one relationship with someone?          Yes/No

Q10: Do they work with love?          Yes/No

Q11: And have time to listen to you?          Yes/No

Q12: And provide hope, expectation and a belief in success?          Yes/No

Q13: Do you love yourself?          Yes/No


Wisdom is a gift. It is the ability to learn from life. To realise that health is a natural condition; that we can learn lessons from ill health and suffering and change our way of life and our attitudes. Begin to think positively and forgive those who we believe have hurt us. Any hurt within us eats or gnaws so take firm definite acts to undo that hurt by all means. Give your total unconditional love to all. Expect nothing in return. Only then are we well on the way to success.

Wisdom is the ability to accept responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, and for our ability to influence health.

Wisdom is the ability to be open-minded in all things, to understand what ill health is, from a holistic viewpoint.

Wisdom is also the belief that disease is a disharmony at some level of our being, whether it be spiritual, intellectual, in the subconscious, or in the emotions, and that the body is the physical instrument on which all symptoms appear, as a result of this disharmony. Only then can we begin to understand the cause or causes of our disease.

Wisdom is the ability to accept that "I can heal myself and control my health". There are many ways in which "I can heal myself", ranging from nutrition to yoga, from self-healing to positive thinking ... and that there are many ways "I can be helped" by conventional medicine and by complementary medicine, from acupuncture to healing, from meditation to prayer, from vitamins to herbal remedies. This initial zest for life must come from the inner self.

Wisdom is acceptance of the fact that our lifestyle and environment directly affect our health and that we must adapt to a healthy lifestyle and ensure that our home/work environment does not prevent us from enjoying a quiet mind.

Q14: Do you accept personal responsibility for your thoughts, actions and health?          Yes/No

Q15: Are you open-minded?          Yes/No

Q16: Do you understand health? Ill Health? The causes of your ill health, if any? The holistic approach?          Yes/No

Q17:  Do you know how you can help yourself? And how you can be helped?         Yes/No

Q18: Do you have a quiet mind without fear, worry, jealousy, envy?          Yes/No

Q19: Can you forgive others unconditionally?          Yes/No

Q20: Can you ask forgiveness?          Yes/No

Q21: Can you give selfless love?          Yes/No

Q22: Are your lifestyle and your environment healthy?          Yes/No



If you are very ill or want to be healthy, extreme dedication is necessary to regain and then maintain health. See your objectives ahead of you, and dedicate ALL your energy and concentration on reaching that objective - this is essential "tunnel vision". Do not let yourself be distracted. This requires hard work, self discipline, patience and perseverance. We have within us an inner core (the self) which will give us the strength we need. Make contact with this inner you. This is your spiritual nature.

Practise all the self healing of which you are capable e.g. positive thinking, regular exercise, nutrition, breathing, sunlight for a limited time daily, relaxation.

Be selfish in your determination to recover good health. The help you can give to others is limited if you are not healthy. Others who are healthy can learn to help you more than before.

Q23: Can you see health as your objective?          Yes/No

Q24: Can you discipline yourself? And work hard?          Yes/No

Q25: Can you ignore distractions? Be selfish? Practise tunnel vision?          Yes/No


How did you score on the Yes/No?

Were you absolutely truthful in your replies? Perhaps you should look over your answers again so you can identify exactly where your weaknesses and strengths lie?


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