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Aura-Soma Colour Healing - Sue Shattock (Continued)

Picture of 6 glass bottles each containing 1 or 2 coloured liquidsColour in nature is all around, secretly hiding in buds and behind clouds, it is the flash of sunshine on an azure sea.  A smouldering sunset brings a rain sodden day to a devastating and effective climax creating pictures framed by fire and colours that have never been captured by man except perhaps within the deep recess of imagination.    The sunrise sends the full spectrum out into the day, filling the world it touches with a special gift, behind the smoke-screen of colour a daily saturation of peach/pink energy to bring love to everything in its path.  How many of us have time to notice?  No time to 'stop and stare' in our busy world of consumerism that goes to so much time and trouble to package things in colours to catch our eye,  colours that we as the consumer are attracted to.  Not in nature, but in the high street shop or the television commercial.   Our eyes are drawn to billboards with rainbows, when if we only took time to look we would know ourselves to be the real thing.

If anyone at anytime feels disconnected with their true purpose, help is always at hand..... we just need to look out of the window.

The Italians have a proverb ‘Dove il sole non entra, entra il dottore.’  (Where the sun does not enter, the doctor does.)  Sunlight can now be enjoyed all winter long with the availability of full spectrum lighting which can act as a method of prevention rather than cure.  We have the technology here and now!

We are offered ever more interesting ways to take charge of our own health by using colour - we can breathe it in from delicately scented flowers, absorb it whilst being massaged by therapeutic oils, we can wear coloured clothes that uplift our spirit.  Even the food we eat is solidified colour and energy, and that is why it is important to pay particular attention to the quality and quantity of energy that we need to absorb for optimum health.

Aura-Soma is a spiritual and holistic form of self healing.  Vicky herself described the display of coloured bottles as 'God's shop window'.  There are currently ninety-five bottles of crystal clear oils containing plant extracts and essences, crystal energies and the vibratory power of colour.

One of the best ways of experiencing Aura-Soma is by having a colour reading in which the true gifts and challenges of the soul are revealed by the patient themselves through their choice of bottles.  The oils are shaken to an emulsion and can be massaged directly on the body to be absorbed through the skin.  The colour can also be absorbed into the aura through the eye (by just looking at or meditating on the colours contained in the bottle) or homeopathically by adding just a few drops to the bath.

It is not necessary for a therapist to recommend a bottle that you 'need' - you pick the colour for yourself, guided  (as we all are if we would but listen) by our inner-tuition!

Every day, exciting  new avenues are opening up in the understanding of colour.  Colour schools and colleges are now well established as recognised centres of learning.  They create a safe space for us to remember the ancient wisdom that is already within ourselves.  Our growing awareness of colour can be likened to an old friend who has returned after a prolonged holiday -  all the more welcome because of a lengthy absence.

Once we understand that the true nature of colour is love, its power can be instrumental in any and every healing journey we have to make.  At every turn illness and dis-ease is prompting us to grow and make use of these waves of healing light, to guide us along the rocky road of transformation.  Aura-Soma is just one of the pathways to self, available by working directly with light and colour.  But remember there are many healing roads to experience -  enough to suit us all.

Using waves of love to transform our lives is an everyday occurrence.  That's what I call magic!

Sue has been working with Aura Soma Colour Healing Oils since 1989. She has been trained by both Vicky Wall (the creator) and Mike Booth in Lincolnshire and is now a qualified Aura-Soma teacher. Sue practises many different aspects of self-healing including colour, diet, flower remedies, dowsing and Kirlian photography. She is a registered practitioner of the Metamorphic Technique and a dedicated member of the 'New Approaches to Cancer' team. Sue lives and works in West Sussex and is combining her continued involvement in health and healing with a writing career.

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