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Aura-Soma Colour Healing - Sue Shattock

Picture of two glass bottles, 1 containing orange liquid, 1 containing purple liquidTry to imagine the brightest rainbow you have ever seen, each colour sparkling in the sunshine and dancing in the light.  Then see the colours behind the colours, the shades, the hues and subtle harmony hidden within each note.  Now see or feel all those colours reach out toward you and intermingle, amassing like a giant stained glass window backed by a radiant white light - bright and joyful with each colour glowing like a precious jewel of living, loving energy.  This was my feeling when I first stood before the dazzling display of Aura-Soma coloured healing oils at a London exhibition centre, what now seems like a lifetime ago.

The name Aura-Soma actually means  'light made manifest in living energies' and it is these energies that were conceived in meditation, born under guidance and developed through divination by a remarkable woman called Vicky Wall.    Born the seventh child of a seventh child Vicky had always had the ability to see coloured auras.  When she lost her sight in later life this ability became much stronger.  Vicky always said that she 'had to go blind to see'  for it enabled her to notice that people's attraction to the 'bottles of beauty oil' as she first described them, was not random.  They were unknowingly being attracted to the colours missing, or out of balance, in their own auric field.

But what has colour to do with cancer?  Everything!    It's all a matter of maintaining balance.

We live in exciting times of re-discovery and change, so it is not surprising that the healing powers of colour and light are once again emerging as an energy to be reckoned with.

Colour has been used in healing for many thousands of years.  It has been well documented in the ancient writings of various cultures and countries throughout the world.

We only have to glance around to see that colour is an integral part of our lives.  The clothes we wear, the foods we eat, the shade we paint our bathroom wall all reflect the truth of who we are.  Even our thoughts and emotions are tinged with colour, each one having its own perceived attributes and qualities.  Why do we feel blue?  What would St. Valentines day be without the symbolic passion of the red rose, or Spring without the happy hopeful daffodil acting as herald?  The peace of a tranquil blue sky and the glory of the golden sun?  Historically this is a universal language that has stood the test of time and like the words we use to express ourselves, the communication of colour can be a simple or complex affair depending on individual choice.

It is important to understand from the outset that working with colour is simply working with the various wavelengths of white light.  In our solar system the sun is our provider of white light, the source of the powerful energy we call love - but we see the sun in its many different guises and colours because light enters our eyes only after passing through  the dense molecules of air that make-up our atmosphere.   We are able to see blue sky, pink clouds, yellow sun, red sunset, sparkling rainbows and all that makes nature beautiful because the white light of the sun bends as it enters the atmosphere of the planet.  In the 17th century the scientist Isaac Newton was able to demonstrate how dense molecules bend white light when he shone a beam into a prism where it broke up into the colours of the rainbow, the spectrum.  White light contains red, orange, yellow, green, blue, royal blue and violet in this very specific order and from this discovery Newton concluded that these seven are the basic colours of the universe.

In physics we are taught that each colour is of a different vibration or wavelength.  And therefore it makes sense that individual colours have different and distinct properties and qualities.  Red has the longest and warmest wavelength of all the colours whilst at the other end of the spectrum violet has the shortest and coolest.  This scientific fact demonstrates that, even at a very basic level, colours have the ability to affect us in a variety of ways - even if it's only to warm us up or cool things down.

It is discoveries in the use of these wavelengths that make the recent breakthroughs of colour healing so exciting.  It isn't wishful thinking, it's a fact. Laser surgery is now widely available in hospitals throughout the world where a single wavelength of coloured light is able to selectively destroy its target without damaging the surrounding tissue.  Scientists have recently proved that spectacles fitted with coloured lenses can ease reading and writing difficulties  Ten years ago psychologist Helen Irlen's similar findings were mainly dismissed by the medical community as 'unscientific'.

Dr. Edwin Babbitt published his classic book 'The Principles of Light and Colour' in 1878 but it has taken years for his findings to assume their place in mainstream medicine.

When scientists discovered that the atom could be split they demonstrated  that there is no such thing as solid matter - only energy vibrating at different frequencies. 

The human body is a mass of sound and light waves constantly changing, transforming and vibrating at different frequencies.  Not really so solid at all!

Our bodies, in fact all matter, is surrounded by its own unique field of energy, some call it the electromagnetic field and others refer to it as the aura.  You can feel this energy for yourself by rubbing your hands together, then moving them slightly apart.  You may feel a warmth or a tingling sensation and its quite surprising how far you can separate your hands without losing the contact.  The body is said to be made up of seven major bands of different coloured energy corresponding to the colour spectrum and it is this energy field that Vicky Wall actually saw around people in glorious Technicolor.  The Aura-Soma colour system mirrors these colours, providing a bright and crystal clear reflection of each individual soul in all its glory.  In simplistic terms we can be compared to a rainbow; white light manifesting through dense matter.

In ancient wisdoms the energy centres of the body correspond to the rainbow with the red energy band beginning at the base of the spine and the violet at the crown with all the colours of the spectrum in between.  And if all the energy centres are shining bright, chances are that we are enjoying optimum health - if one or other is even slightly out of balance, then the body  is in, or about to experience, a state of dis-harmony or dis-ease.

Because colour healing works holistically (that is on the whole being, mind, body and spirit) it is possible to regain balance by absorbing the appropriate wavelengths of light and there are many different methods available to achieve this.  We are a combination of energy centres constantly in a state of change and renewal, and at any time we can make the decision to work through our thoughts and actions to change ourselves for the better.  A more harmonious life-style perhaps or opening a heart to a new experience, speaking up and out about what you need for a change, letting go of old habits that have long been outgrown - all these and many more can clear a space to allow healing to enter and to prevent dis-ease returning.  It is important to think positively, after all, a thought is an energy just as much as a laser beam, and it can be as powerful!  Colour healing is a method of incorporating love-energy into our lives in a therapeutic way.

We can experience the healing quality of light in its purest form simply by using the imagination.  To imagine the light and colour being absorbed by the body can be a powerful tool in self-healing.  Who does not feel uplifted when the sun is shining out of a clear blue sky and we are surrounded by all the colours that nature has to offer us.  This is colour healing  that we can all receive, anytime, anywhere.  Walking in the spring sunshine after a long hard winter is just the tonic needed to promote good health, but how often do we take time to absorb the medicine?

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