Dear Supporters and Friends,


It has been over 50 years!


New Approaches to Cancer was started as a pioneering organisation by two doctors and two healers back in 1969. These innovators felt it was important to share with as many people possible the positive experience of using Gentle Therapies and that these, combined with supportive counselling, self-help groups and dietary advice could make a real difference to people going through the experience of cancer. This then unique approach evolved into a nation-wide charity and information service, easily accessible and free to all.


Over the years we have organised talks, made DVDs, and run conferences. We offered regular classes in holistic therapy to support the cancer patients with their families and friends such as relaxation and visualisation, yoga and meditation, nutrition, flower remedies, and we provided on-going support and life–style coaching to those in need


This past year has been a challenge to so many and sadly, we are no longer able to run the charity. As many of you know, our Chair Dottie Hook has been the much-loved and tireless engine of New Approaches for many years and through her dedication and commitment and that of many others, it blossomed into a supportive charity of hope and healing to many.


We are sad to announce that Dottie died peacefully in her sleep on 22nd July 2021 and would want you all to know that her death was not cancer related! She was our guiding light for many years and will be greatly missed.


As we move into a more enlightened and digital age, access to avenues of support and healing are widely available at the touch of a button. With many charities now offering combined approaches to holistic cancer care, this seems the appropriate time to hand over the reins. Therefore the Trustees have decided that the time is right to close New Approaches to Cancer, this happened officially on the 30th June 2021


We are so grateful for all your contributions and support over the years. Running purely on donations, your generosity and love has helped us to help so many. Please be assured, we will pass our knowledge and any donation surplus to a like-minded charity so nothing will go to waste, the charity we have chosen is Penny Brohn UK, (formerly the Bristol Cancer Help Centre), a charity we both admire and trust.


With love and blessings

All at New Approaches to Cancer




You will find a helping hand at the following charities, just a few of many organisations here to help:

· tel: 0303 300 0108



·         Bluebells Cancer Support Group tel: 01483 203540







A Message from our Patron - Harvey Zarren MD, FACC

(first published in our 2004 spring newsletter)


Dear People


As patron of New Approaches I send you this reflection.


In this modern, technologically focussed world, it is easy to forget that healing is not just about chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. Yes, they are magical and powerful and necessary, but don't forget faith, belief and hope. We know some of the science about the ways in which faith and belief and hope can help the immune system fight disease and can lead to beneficial health outcomes, but there is much we don't know. That lack of knowledge does not make faith, belief and hope less powerful or effective.


Illness is the experience of having a disease. Three people can have the exact same cancer with the same physical involvement and will have three different illnesses or experiences of having the cancer. Much of the differences can be about how much faith, belief and hope they bring to the disease.


Have faith that you can cope with cancer. Have faith in your caregivers, if you cannot, then consider changing caregivers. Have faith that there are energies larger than human that can be approached, appealed to and called on for relief and peace. Have belief in your own abilities to struggle with a disease and to overcome it. Have belief in the connection of all people and of all Creation as you draw on your resources to help with your experience. Have faith in something larger than yourself, whatever you name that something or in whatever form you interact with that something. Whether you use the word God, or Nature, or Creation or whatever, we humans are not the pinnacle of existence, we are merely part of it. We can however, connect with the rest of Creation to draw on what we need to confront crisis.


HAVE HOPE. Hope is anticipation of a good event or outcome.


There is hope and no hope. It might be hope of comfort, of cure, of a peaceful death with supportive family and/or others around. It is important to have hope in the mix, hope improve the efficacy of all forms of therapy and creates the energy to persist. Enlist faith, belief and hope in your experience of cancer. Don't be afraid to anticipate miracles, they are all around us. Take time to notice the miracles.


Take the time and bother to become one!




Be loving, begin to perceive your inner voice and follow it. Sri Sathya Sai Baba